Some Testimonials from our Customers!


"Audra, you are the nicest, most professional person I have ever met in the tattoo & piercing world. I researched a few different Tattoo parlors near me and, as your site says, no one really has the certification like you guys. I'll definitely be back for piercings! Thank you so much, I love my new piercing!" -Sunset Mia


"Codie Jones is so wonderful! She's nice, calm, and funny, and she made my first tattoo experience as pleasant as possible. She did a fantastic job designing my floral tattoo - she is an amazing artist! I have recommended her to all of my friends. My boyfriend got his tattoo done by Mikey at the same time I got mine done and he had an equally good experience. His was planned more last-minute and everyone at the shop was more than welcoming to us and our entourage. Love this shop" -Carla Motta


"Super fun! They know what they are doing and are the best inĀ Sarasota! So happy with my new piercing!" -Nicole


"We came in for the weekend from out of town, and totally wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the trip. We only found two shops open on Sunday, so I called Z Edge first. After talking to Sher on the phone, I never called the other place. Z Edge was great, the shop is clean, and our tattoos are badass. Definitely will be coming here when we come back to Sarasota. Thanks guys!" -Jasmine Bevins


" I believe I got tattooed by a older gentlemen named joe, and he did an amazing job, he was gentle but fast. If the shop wasn't so far away from me I would go there all the time. Plus everyone was friendly and the shop seemed very clean. They will forsure see me again in the future. " -Cera Whitford


" The shop was great. Customer service was wonderful and its a very relaxing place to be. Been a customer of deebo before he moved into z edge. If you're looking for a tattoo, 10/10 recommend you ask for deebo!!! " -Joe Atyeo


"I loved this place! It is where I got my nipple piercings done. I was very nervous and anxious about having it done; it was a sort of spur of the moment sort of thing. I'm glad I got it done here though. Even though there were quite a few people there waiting, my piercer was nothing but polite, kind, and very professional. He did it so quickly and painlessly! He even gave my friend some candy because she felt light headed afterwards from watching, haha. The place seemed clean and well kept & pricing was very fair. Would recommend." -Carly


"Audra is simply amazing. I just left there from getting my cartilage pierced. I'm always terribly nervous for piercings/tattoos and she made me totally comfortable. Answered all of my crazy questions and it was quick and almost painless. I'd go back and recommend her to anyone looking for a piercing. GO HERE! Prices are reasonable too! ;)"
-Elizabeth Erdos


"I just recently stopped by Z-Edge to talk on different ideas getting a tattoo and pricing. After about a 10 minute conversation with the tattoo artist named Michael I was confident that this is the best place to be. Michael's professionalism, Insight, integrity was outstanding. Places is extremely clean and everyone there is in a great mood and seems like they love what they do. I feel genuine customer service is a dying art so when I do come across excellent guest service I feel it's important let it be known. I'll most definitely be back for my next tattoo" -Joshua Slanaker


" I had the opportunity to have the owners of the business pierce my nose. I was quite impressed at his level of attention to detail from doing my piercing to handling me as a customer, to the point of making a sale. He was very knowledgeable and gentle. I hope he knows that the best advertising is word of mouth, if I have to recommend him to any one!! I already have. If you wonder why I'm talking so highly of this parlor is because I had 2 experiences in two other parlors in the town north of Sarasota one of them out of business now. "no shock there "and there is no comparison. When I had a problem they were NOT willing to help me at all, in fact one of those people told me that metals was porous..hugh!!..really? Since when is metal porous? I left without talking any further cause one can not argue with stupid. All my best and much succes to this business." -Miss J


" Came in late on Saturday night with my sister to get pierced. Was brought back quickly, experienced some of the best customer service I've ever had in a tattoo/piercing shop and was made to feel completely comfortable. I highly recommend and would certainly come back for more piercings anytime without ever considering another studio (thanks for all the advice regarding my apprenticeship in Ohio BTW!). Love the new piercings and the friendly conversation": -John Wright


"This place is AWESOME staff is great and professional. The guy who did my piercing was fantastic painless tongue piercing. He took the time to explain post piercing care to me and answered all my questions and concerns. I'd definitely go back and highly recommend this place to everyone. The experience was very pleasant. Thanks to all of you." -Jeremy Parker


"I took my only child Clare 15yrs old to have her industrial piercing her and the place made her feel right at home and relaxed her nerves. Very Clean and safe for teenagers. Thanks." -cbey108


"Great people and awesome atmosphere! Deff going back for everything else I get done!" -SarahBaby


"This place is the best! Very friendly and super clean. Thank you so much, I love my new piercing!!" -Tina003


"The only place I go. Very clean and Professional. All the staff is very knowledgeable. And very courteous. I recommend to all my friends if u want a tattoo or a Piercing this is the place to go." -Edward Lancelotte


"My husband had a tat done here recently and it looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product when it is colored in! They are VERY clean and professional. They even made us a special appointment on Christmas Eve due to our work schedule. Joel is extremely talented!!" -Aaron Jarvis


"Best Piercing Shop All my piercings is from this place heal really quick very cool people Thank you guys :)" -Christine Cruz


"Best piercings I've ever had! Quick, painless & very cool nice people. I will definitely be back :)" -Krissy Svagdis


"Audra. I want to thank you for your professionalism shown during my first piercing experience. Your knowledge of correct disinfection/sanitation procedures is outstanding (this from an ex health department person). I have no pain, swelling, bruising or discharge. Although the abstinence thing is killing me!! See ya again soon." -Bill P.


"My friends and I came in last night right before they closed to get 4+ piercings. The staff was incredibly helpful and Lani made us feel so at ease as we were all nervous about what we were about to get done! We all love our piercings and would 10/10 recommend this shop to anyone around. We last minute found this place on our spring break trip but they definitely made us feel like we were at home. Thanks Lani and Z-edge!"-Sarah Anne Semple


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